Gimlet Bar

Lime Cordial

What's so special about this cordial?

This versatile cordial is what makes our sour cocktails sing. Unlike all other lime cordials out there, this is made using lots of fresh lime juice (squeezed by ourselves and not pasteurised 'bought-in' juice) to give plenty of acidity and plenty of lime oil for body.

Lime cordial by Gimlet Bar

How to serve a Gimlet Bar 'Salt Lime'

Wet the rim of your glass with a lime segment and dip the upturned glass into Maldon Sea Salt.

To your glass add:

1oz Lime cordial
3oz Sparkling water
1/2oz Fresh lime juice
Stir well and add plenty of ice
Garnish with lime slices

Why not use this cordial to make your favourite sour cocktail e.g. a Gimlet, Daiquiri or Last word. Also great with Rum and Tequila.

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